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Updated Draw Poker and Texas Holdem

Good news for those who prefer an old fashioned Draw Poker to Texas Holdem!
Compared to Texas Holdem, Draw Poker gives player more control over situation - you don't just sit and hope for a lucky card to turn up on the board. It involves 2 rounds of betting with 5 cards dealt to each payer at the beginning. After the first round you can discard any cards in your hand to get replacement from the deck. Unlike in Texas Holdem, there are no blinds - in every round you can bet any amount of imaginary monetary units between 1 and 25.
Playing a hand in Draw Poker takes less time, so each level of the game is split into 2 or 3 sublevels.
This release also includes improvement in the interface, including better tool tips and more clear communication from the dealer. Aslo, the showdown will now include an explanation of the result, providing the name and layout of the best hand for both player and dealer.
The team of virtual dealers has expanded to 132, you can step through them by clicking arrow buttons in the right top corner.