Rules of Strip Chess

Strip Chess is played as a usual game of chess, but with a twist: every time a player loses a piece (Bishop, Knight, Rook or Queen) he or she takes off an item of clothing, same way this is done in Strip Poker.

If players have more items of clothing than there are chess pieces of each color, then either a pawn or two pawns can count as a piece. We take a latter approach in our online game.
For example, if each player has 9 items of clothing, since there are 7 pieces of each color that can be taken, we need to compensate for the shortage of 2 pieces. Therefore, we replace each missing piece with 2 pawns (4 in total). Until all 4 pawns of a color are taken, we consider 2 taken pawns of that color as a taken piece.

Now what happens when a player loses with checkmate before losing all the clothes? There is no fast rule for this, in our game the player who lost this way takes all remaining clothes off.