Rules of Omaha Poker

Rules for playing Omaha Poker are almost identical to the rules of Texas Holdem. If you are not familiar with Texas Holdem, we recommend reading this article explaining the rules of Texas Holdem first.

There are only two differences between Texas Hodlem and Omaha Poker:
  • In Omana Poker each player is dealt four hole cards, not two hole cards as in Texas Holdem.
  • In Omaha Poker players must use exactly two hole cards and exactly three community cards to make their best hand at a showdown.
    For example, if community cards are Q-8-Q-3-Q, and the player's hole cards are Q-3-J-K, then the player's best hand is Two Pair Q-Q-3-3, not Four of a Kind Q-Q-Q-Q.
That's it, if you are already familiar with Texas Holdem, now you know how to play Omaha Poker too!